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Digital business cards — A How-To Guide

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Rhiannon Gysen
Rhiannon Gysen

You may have heard the buzz, seen an ad or been at a networking event and had someone tap their phone or their digital business card with your phone to share details with you. If you have and you have been curious about what all of the fuss is about, we have put together a list of reasons why the Digital Business Card is here to stay and how you can get the most out of it.

Essentially, a digital business card is the savvy way to share details and connect with people. But as sophistication of technology brings our digital world tighter there are some products on the market that are game changers. There is so much more now in the Digital Business Card space and our favourite on the market is Propps Card.

Propps Card, your all-in-one solution for digital business cards and personalised microsite. You are able to create a personalised, branded microsite and profiles through the APP and it is not only sophisticated and professional, it is also a great way for you to capture leads.

Before we go any further, let’s chat more about the Digital Business World and the importance of taking your business card to the next level with Propps Card.

1. The Power of a Digital Business Card

In the age of smartphones and environmentally-conscious living, digital business cards are more relevant than ever. With Propps Card, you can effortlessly exchange contact information, showcase your skills and portfolio, and track interactions with your card, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

2. Setting Up Your Propps Card

Getting started with Propps Card is a breeze. Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, create your account, and you’re ready to roll. We’ll guide you through the setup process, including choosing a stylish template, customising your card with your brand’s colours and logo, and adding essential contact information. When you upgrade to PRO you also open a whole world of opportunity where you are able to claim your personalised link that you can also use in all of your assets including your social profile bios, email signature and your website details. You will be able to save to your Apple / Google wallet and you will be able to have your personalised microsite set up in minutes.

3. Crafting the Perfect Introduction

Your Propps Card is more than just a digital version of your contact details. It’s an opportunity to introduce yourself and make a memorable impression. Learn how to write an engaging bio that highlights your skills, experience, and personality, making you stand out in the digital crowd. If you are networking with business contacts, you need to be able to bring business in across every opportunity you have. Make is seamless and bring your brand and business to life with a simple tap.

4. Adding Media and Content

Propps Card allows you to showcase your work and personality in a dynamic way. Again with you upgrading to PRO you will discover how to upload photos, videos, and documents to create a captivating multimedia experience for your contacts. Whether you’re an artist, freelancer, or entrepreneur, we’ll show you how to make your card truly reflect your identity. You can have 5 profiles for all of your different profiles and businesses or pages. It allows you to flick between your professional sites, your side hustle, your creative flair and anything in between.

5. Connecting Social Media and Links

Linking your Propps Card to your social media profiles, website, and other digital platforms is key to expanding your online presence. We’ll guide you through the process of connecting your digital footprint seamlessly, so your contacts can easily find and engage with you across the web. Ever wondered why LINK IN BIO is so appealing? One link — your whole digital world, its actually that easy!

6. Sharing Your Propps Card

One of the advantages of digital business cards is their ease of sharing. Learn how to share your Propps Card via text, email, QR code, or even through social media. We’ll also provide tips on how to make your card easily accessible during in-person meetings and networking events. No more awkwardness when you want to get someone’s details and ask them their name 4 times. Connect and keep it smooth.

7. Analysing Card Interactions

Propps Card offers valuable insights into how your contacts are engaging with your card. We’ll teach you how to leverage these analytics to gauge the effectiveness of your digital business card and make informed decisions about optimising your online presence. Being able to see your data on your networking and connecting efforts are always going to be helpful as you grow your business and personal profile.

As our digital world gets busier and we all need to stand out in a crowd, having tools in your kit to help leverage you and your position it is becoming vital to have these sorts of APPs in your hand. Jump online HERE to get started today!

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