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5 Top Tips for Choosing a digital business card

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Rhiannon Gysen
Rhiannon Gysen

In our increasingly digital world, the traditional paper business card is getting a digital makeover. Enter the digital business card, a versatile tool for networking and making lasting impressions. If you’re a seasoned professional or starting your career, choosing the right digital business card can make a big difference. Here are five top tips to help you make the right choice:

Design Matters: Make a Memorable First Impression

Your digital business card should reflect your personality and brand. Pay attention to design elements such as colour schemes, fonts, and layout. Ensure your card aligns with your industry and conveys professionalism. A visually appealing card is more likely to leave a lasting impression.

Interactivity Is Key: Go Beyond Static Information

Unlike traditional business cards, digital versions can be interactive. Choose a platform that allows you to include links to your website, social media profiles, or portfolio as well as your contact details and bio.

Ease of Sharing: Ensure Accessibility and Compatibility

The success of your digital business card hinges on how easily it can be shared and accessed. Select a platform that is universally compatible across devices and operating systems. QR codes, for example, are a convenient way to share your card with just a scan. If the link is memorable, it’s infinitely more sharable. Go for a solution that allows you to personalise your profile link.

Update-ability: Keep Your Information Current

In the dynamic business world, contact information, job titles, and details change frequently. Select a digital business card that allows you to update your information seamlessly. This ensures that your contacts always have access to your latest details.

A well-designed and thoughtfully chosen digital business card can be a professional game-changer. By considering design, accessibility and update-ability, you can choose a digital profile that will have a lasting impact.

Ditch paper cards, and become a networking pro with the right digital business card today!

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Propps Card guides your audience to what matters most. It’s always accessible via Apple or Google Wallet. Share your Propps Card via QR code in person or on printed material. Add your personalised link to your email signature and your social media profiles.

Propps Card streamlines the exchange of contact details, saving everyone the hassle of manual data entry. Contacts who receive your card can share their details back to you in a few clicks. Plus you’re eliminating wasted paper cards!

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